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Our beers combine elements of Belgian and French brewing tradition with local micro flora to create unique, complex beers that can only be described one way, wild by design.

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Wild by Design


We strive to create unique, complex beers by infusing traditional brewing elements with our own artistic vision. Old world styles are reimagined with new techniques and unexpected ingredients to craft style-blending beers that are all their own.


In the tradition of Belgian and French brewers, we utilize spontaneous fermentation whenever possible and integrate local micro flora into our brews. The constantly evolving environment ensures unique results that you won't find anywhere else.


We encourage our micro flora to interact and age to perfection through extended cask or bottle maturation periods. This allows each beer to develop in richness and complexity, while giving us an opportunity to create beers that are both wild and fully integrated.

Grimace Bottle Release 3/16/17

Grimace Bottle Release 3/16/17

Grimace bottles will be available on Thursday at the taproom.

Purple in hue with aromas of dark fruit, must and rock candy, this bold brew balances slight bitter notes with black currants and spiciness. Grimace was previously featured as one of our “brewers taps” and many of you know it as our American wild ale made with black currants and the relic strain. 9.5%abv.

Bottles will be available on Thursday at 5pm and are $7.75 each. No limit.

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