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Our beers combine elements of Belgian and French brewing tradition with local micro flora to create unique, complex beers that can only be described one way, wild by design.

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Wild by Design


We strive to create unique, complex beers by infusing traditional brewing elements with our own artistic vision. Old world styles are reimagined with new techniques and unexpected ingredients to craft style-blending beers that are all their own.


In the tradition of Belgian and French brewers, we utilize spontaneous fermentation whenever possible and integrate local micro flora into our brews. The constantly evolving environment ensures unique results that you won't find anywhere else.


We encourage our micro flora to interact and age to perfection through extended cask or bottle maturation periods. This allows each beer to develop in richness and complexity, while giving us an opportunity to create beers that are both wild and fully integrated.

Limousine – Buckwheat Honey & Raspberry Hibiscus

Limousine – Buckwheat Honey & Raspberry Hibiscus

Bottle Release – 1/19/18: Limousine Buckwheat Honey and Raspberry Hibiscus

We were inspired to create a very firm sour ale, partially through our affinity for Flanders beers, coupled with the luck of getting ours hands on some fresh cognac casks directly from a French distillery.

Limousine started with hand selected beer from Pinot Noir casks, completely unblended, from a 15 month coolship batch. The level of sourness was intense and clean, but the aromatics were really nice. The beer was then aged in fresh cognac barrels for another 6 months, half on raw buckwheat honey and the other half on raspberries and hibiscus. Once bottled, the beer was aged for an additional 9 months until it was ready for release.

Tomorrow we are excited to release two unique sour ales with heavy cognac cask characteristics: Limousine Buckwheat Honey and Limousine Raspberry Hibiscus.

Limousine Buckwheat Honey version created a bright aroma of honey comb, black cherry and oak. As it warms, faint hints of leather, cognac and very mild vanilla and cinnamon come through. The flavor is a clean sourness with rich characteristics of the cognac barrel. The finish is a mild bitterness and a palate clearing burst of tartness.

Limousine Raspberry Hibiscus heightened the Pinot Noir influence in comparison, with aromas of red grape intertwined with raspberries, strawberry and slight herbal notes. The flavor is sour raspberry with tones of cognac, oak and mild spice. The finish is very dry, sour and fresh.

Just as Cognac can be enjoyed in many different ways, the same goes for these beers. Both variants are very delicate and sour, with light carbonation. We recommend drinking at cellar temperature, roughly 48-52°F degrees. They make for a nice aperitif and are great to share with friends.

Bottles will only be available at our taproom in Millvale starting tomorrow (Friday) at 5pm. They are $8.50 each and there is a six bottle limit of each variant per person. We will also be offering a mixed case (6 of each) for $89. We hope you  enjoy these beers!

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