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Our beers combine elements of Belgian and French brewing tradition with local micro flora to create unique, complex beers that can only be described one way, wild by design.

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Wild by Design


We strive to create unique, complex beers by infusing traditional brewing elements with our own artistic vision. Old world styles are reimagined with new techniques and unexpected ingredients to craft style-blending beers that are all their own.


In the tradition of Belgian and French brewers, we utilize spontaneous fermentation whenever possible and integrate local micro flora into our brews. The constantly evolving environment ensures unique results that you won't find anywhere else.


We encourage our micro flora to interact and age to perfection through extended cask or bottle maturation periods. This allows each beer to develop in richness and complexity, while giving us an opportunity to create beers that are both wild and fully integrated.

Vlad Bottle Release – 4/26/17

Vlad Bottle Release – 4/26/17

Last year we decided to blend a small portion of Ruby du Rhone with Yodeler. During the maturation process, the interactions between the two very different beers produced a high level of esters and increased the ABV. Since both of these complex beers have a relatively high ABV, we decided that it would be best to age the beer at a low temperature in hopes that the final product would mellow out. There was only one problem… we are not able maintain the desired temperature at our facility. After a bit of brainstorming, Dennis came up with the crazy idea of burying the entire batch underground to age the beer. So after spending 3 months digging a massive hole… Just kidding (Dennis couldn’t find a big enough shovel to complete the dig)! The beer was actually transported to Beaver, PA where it was stored in a deep underground salt mine at about about 50°F. This maturation period allowed the complex flavors to integrate into a truly wonderful beer. Because of the underground aging process that we used for this beer, we thought that it would be fitting to name it after Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). Thus, we are very excited to offer you Vlad this Wednesday at the taproom. Oh and BTW, you might want to share this beer with a friend or drink it slowly, because the 14.2% ABV will catch up to you.

Bottles will be available Wednesday at the taproom at 5pm. They are $9.75 each or $99 per case. There is a one case limit per person per day.

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