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Our beers combine elements of Belgian and French brewing tradition with local micro flora to create unique, complex beers that can only be described one way, wild by design.

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Wild by Design


We strive to create unique, complex beers by infusing traditional brewing elements with our own artistic vision. Old world styles are reimagined with new techniques and unexpected ingredients to craft style-blending beers that are all their own.


In the tradition of Belgian and French brewers, we utilize spontaneous fermentation whenever possible and integrate local micro flora into our brews. The constantly evolving environment ensures unique results that you won't find anywhere else.


We encourage our micro flora to interact and age to perfection through extended cask or bottle maturation periods. This allows each beer to develop in richness and complexity, while giving us an opportunity to create beers that are both wild and fully integrated.

Introducing The PGH Park Series: North Park

Introducing The PGH Park Series: North Park

I like to go fishing. Its one of the go to activities that I turn to when when I can’t think or have creative blocks. In the last couple of years I haven’t had much time to fish. When I do it’s usually quick trip down the road to North Park with my son Liam and daughter Brady… it’s not the best fishing, but it’s nearby and it helps me clear my head.

Last fall, we were discussing new sites to forage before the craziness of coolship season began. I wanted to test out some new sites in hopes of expanding our local terroir. It was while I was sitting at my go to fishing spot in North Park when an awesome idea hit me when … how cool would it be to forage our favorite Pittsburgh area parks and make beer with the strains that we were able to capture.

So, last September through October, we foraged multiple parks in and around the Pittsburgh area. We took airborne samples, stationary samples and even a few random swabs. We tested them in multiple pilot batches over time to see if anything promising would develop. As usual in this type of beer production not everything always works and very few of the strains that we captured were able to be used. We ended up with two strains whose byproducts worked well with the pilot runs and decided to scale up the production for a beer that would eventually be released to the public.

Interestingly enough, the first beer we will be releasing from the “PGH Park Series” is from that very park where I was fishing when this idea came to me, North Park.

The yeast in the very first beer in the Draai Laag PGH Park Series (which will be called “North Park”) came from wild native grape vines secluded in the network of foliage surrounding the park. The yeast strain boasts rustic aromas of funk, sour apples and slight hay. The aromas combine with the huge citrus and tropical fruit flavor profile, for a sour and refreshing burst of local flavor. Mangoes, white grapes, orange, light lemon and grapefruit all make a presence throughout this sour ale. The finish is dry, sour and tingly, but with light carbonation. We recommend drinking this beer at cellar temperature (47°F – 53°F) to experience the finer notes of the yeast.

North Park comes in at 5.8% abv and is packaged in 750ml bottles. Bottles and draft will be available ONLY at our taproom starting at noon this Sunday and will not see any further distribution. The bottles will be $12.75 each and there is a 6 bottle limit per person per day.

There should be one more release from the Draai Laag PGH park series this year. The beer is currently undergoing bottle conditioning and is tested every couple weeks to see how it’s developing. We aren’t going to tell you what park that one is from just yet… But we certainty will keep you in the loop as to when it tells us it’s ready for ya to drink… Cus thats just how wild beer works.

We hope to see you this Sunday for the North Park bottle release.


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